0ada464I’m less concerned about titles and more excited about telling stories that resonate with people. You know that line about loving what you do? It’s true.

Propelled by endless curiosity and sincere passion to use words that communicate, connect and convert, I’ve developed and produced content for a wide-range of verticals, including editorial, public relations, copywriting and social media, for a diverse group of award-winning brands and publications from around the world. Flip me to side B and I’ve led creative direction, produced photoshoots and events, dabbled in coding, and know my way around the Adobe Creative Suite.

The way I see it, there’s something about every brand or topic’s DNA that’s really quite incredible. You may not know it’s special, but I ground my work in figuring out what that thing is and making it shine through the power of the written word.

When I’m not stringing words together, I’m an artisanal paper goods-collecting skydive enthusiast on the hunt for the best blue crab hand rolls and a mission to secure my 4th Fantasy Football championship.

Game on.